Remembrance Sunday 13th November

All uniformed Beavers, Cubs and Scouts should attend in full and smart uniform. Scouts living in Hurst Green should attend at St Aggie’s Hall and march to St John’s Hurst Green. Scouts living north of the A25 should attend at the Royal British Legion and march to St Mary’s Oxted, Please do ask for advice on this if you need more guidance or have any questions. Times for HG and OX are slightly different; you will be fully advised of details in due course

Cub and Scout camps in 2017

The Cubs & Scouts will have the chance to go on a number of camps during 2017. These are:

  • Scouts: Winter camp at Broadstone, 27-29 January, cost £55/head – click here for details
  • Cubs: District Cub Camp, May 2017
  • Scouts: Scoutabout at Ardingley Showground, 7-9 July, cost approx. £50-60/head (tbc)
  • Cubs: SUMMER CAMP at Drum Hill near Derby, 22/7/17-25/7/17
  • Scouts: SUMMER CAMP at Drum Hill near Derby, 30/7/17-5/8/17, cost £150/head (tbc)

Subscriptions and capitation

In 2017 we will combine termly subs and annual capitation to make a combined termly fee of £47/term (Scouts and Cubs) and £42/term (Beavers). The annual fee of £35-£40/head of the past will no longer be charged but is combined with subscriptions. Subscriptions should be paid by MyDonate – not by cheque or bank transfer.

Payments for one-off activities (camps, nights away, special adventure activities etc) can be made on-line directly. We need to reduce massively the number of cheques handled by the leaders and the treasurer.

Further information will be available in due course.