Summer camp dates

We are involved in asking parents when the Troops should hold a summer camp. Whilst we would have liked a few more replies, I thank those that have responded; and report these results:

  • Week 1 (27/7 – 2/8) – 11
  • Week 2 – 5
  • Week 3 – 8
  • Cannot or will not be going to camp next summer: 9

On this basis I must go ahead and book camp for the first week in the summer holidays, starting on Sunday 27th July 2014. Some other interesting comments were:

  • Make the camp shorter (perhaps Sunday to Friday)
  • £200 is considered expensive by some (we can do it cheaper, but not with adventure activities)
  • Poor behaviour from some the older Scouts has and is putting off some from attending summer camp. (we WILL address this)

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