Remembrance 1: St John’s Hurst Green

The 1st Oxted Scout Group generally marks Remembrance Sunday by attending a parade and church service. The arrangements this year may be a little more complicated than in the past for a number of reasons.

As GSL I have been approached by the vicar of Hurst Green, the Reverend Anna Eltringham, regarding the possibility of some of our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts taking part in the Remembrance Day service at St John’s Hurst Green. This is seen as particularly appropriate for those young people living in the area who were formerly part of the 1st Hurst Green Scout Group.

I have, in principle, accepted the vicar’s offer, and am writing to parents to suggest that youngsters in the Thursday Beaver Colony, Tuesday Cub Pack, and certain Scouts, take part in the service at St John’s Hurst Green on Sunday 9th November. The exact form of the contribution made by the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts is yet to be decided exactly.

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