Capitation Fee

Capitation Fee is the annual charge levied by the Scout Association on every uniformed person in the Scout movement. It covers the support structures at district, county and national level, including the significant levels of insurance required for youth work today. The amount each Group is charged is decided in the census which is completed in January each year. The fee itself will be levied from the Group on 1st April 2015.

Therefore, we will need to collect the Capitation Fee from all parents in the WINTER TERM. The amount is yet to be confirmed exactly, but is likely to be £36-£38/head. This is in addition to the usual subscriptions of £27/term (Cubs and Scouts) and £22/term (Beavers). Payments can be made all at once if this is easier.

Scouting remains very competitive and good value compared to other popular activities in which young people take part today. It remains so only because it is dependent on the unstinting work of unpaid volunteers at every level.

As always, genuine financial hardship is not a barrier to membership of the Scout Group. Such cases will be treated with the greatest discretion and dignity, but we do need to know if this applies.

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