Our Beaver Colony is completely full and there is already a HUGE list of young people who want to join in the future. We will take no further entrants until well into 2017.

Demand for places is very heavy and greater than any possible provision of places now or in the  future.  If your interested youngster is already over FOUR years old, it is most unlikely that they will get into Beavers at 1st Oxted. We can take your details, but it may be Cubs (from age 8) that the youngster may be joining. The only way you can guarantee that your youngster will get in, is to become a uniformed Scouter yourself for a number of years, or other offer of assistance involving a serious level of commitment.

Parental willingness to undergo a DBS check, and being willing and able to assist with meetings on an ad hoc or rota basis around once per term is a requirement, a condition of entry, an absolute minimum.  All parents have to agree to that for their youngster to join at all.

Beaver Scouts belong to the first and youngest section in the scouting family. The “core age range” of the Beaver Scout Colony is from 6 years to 8 years. A young person may join at 5¾ years and remain until 8½ years.

Beaver Colonies are friendly and active places for your youngster to join – we get up to all sorts of things, including day visits, sleepovers, arts and crafts, exploring the outdoors and much more!

Beavers meet at Oxted:

  • Thursday 1740-1840 – leader: Mrs Sarah Choy

For further information please contact the GSL

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