The cubs take part in many activities that work towards badges – Badges are awarded on a regular basis.

The Silver Chief Scout badge is the highest award available in the Cub Scout Section.

It is gained by completing:

  •                      Creative Challenge
  •                      Community Challenge
  •                      Fitness Challenge
  •                      Global Challenge
  •                      Outdoor Challenge
  •                      Promise Challenge

If a Cub Scout has not quite completed the requirements for the top award when they move on to the Scout Troop, they may complete them in their first few weeks in the Scout Troop.

They may wear the Chief Scout’s Silver Award until they have completed the Chief Scout’s Gold Award.

When Cubs are awarded badges they should be sewn onto the uniform in the position outlined below. For Staged Activity Badges (such as Swimming and Musician) the Cub should only have the highest badge earned on their uniform. Any previous badges as well as other badges can be sewn onto a camp blanket.

More information about the badge scheme can be found on the website.