The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme at 1st Oxted

2Each year the Group receives a number of requests for young people – some of whom are current Scouts – to use scouting as means to help support their efforts towards the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. We think it important to share with you the Scout Association requirements related to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, so we can manage your expectations in terms of using scouting to help your son/daughter works towards their DofE award.

As background the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, from Bronze to Gold, requires an applicant to do various lengths of time in 4 sections – Volunteering, Physical, Skills, and Expedition.  We can see why many parents and scouts are potentially keen to use Scouting as a means to help them with either the Skills or Volunteering section of the DofE.

The Scout Association has the Young Leader program which can also support the ethos of the DofE program. If a teenager older than 14 years of age wishes to use scouting towards their DofE Volunteering or Skills section then they must become a Young Leader. This is the only avenue available within Scouting towards DofE – whether for Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards.

To become a Young Leader within East Surrey there are therefore 4 principal requirements which must be met:

  1. The Scout is over the age of 14
    1. We recognise that Oxted School starts the DofE programme in year 9 when many teenagers are not yet 14; this is an issue with how Oxted School choose to run their DofE programme. If you look at the DofE site the Bronze program is intended for young people aged 14+
  2. The Scout is prepared to join the Young Leader program
    1. this includes attending District Young Leader meetings and completing their Module A training of the programme with the first 3 months
  3. The Scout has approached their current Section leader and has received an endorsement to proceed into the Young Leader programme
    1. not all scouts would be recommended by their Section Leader. For example scouts who have achieved Patrol Leader or Senior Patrol Leader are much more likely to be recommended for a YL role versus a scout who has not achieved this.
  4. There is a need for young assistants AND a willing Section leader to take on the Young Leader
    1. Scouts between 14 and 15 years of age would be considered for the Young Leader programming supporting leaders in Beavers and Cubs sections only – such young people cannot assist with Scouts.
    2. Scouts 15 years plus would be considered for the Young Leader programming support leaders in any section

The Young Leader programme for East Surrey District Scouts is currently managed by Tony Pearson. Young Leaders do not necessarily have to serve with 1st Oxted only; there may be opportunities within other Groups within the District. In any event the above criteria still apply.

Any further questions, please contact the Group Scout Leader.