All uniformed leaders and officials of the Group are unpaid volunteers. Most of them work for a living as well as helping run the 1st Oxted Scout Group, and many of them have young families.

Phil Hosp – Group Scout Leader – Phil lives in Oxted, joined 1st Oxted in 2011, helps run the Acorn Cub Pack and has two youngsters in Scouting, one in Explorers and one in Scouts.

Andy Wright  – Cub Scout Leader – Wednesday (Acorn) Cub Pack. Andy is Akela (leader) of our Wednesday (Acorn Pack) Cub Pack. He is a family man living in Limpsfield.

Amanda Doran – Scout Leader – Monday (Barrow Green) Scout Troop. Amanda is a highly experienced Scouter and secondary school teacher. As well as leading Monday night Scouts, she is also the leader of the Explorer Unite (for those aged 14-18) based in Oxted.

Sarah Choy – Beaver Scout Leader – Beavers.  Sarah is a local mum and also a childminder and fitness trainer.

Other leaders

Nick Hough – Nick is married with three grown-up children and lives in Oxted.  Until 2005 when he moved to Oxted, he worked offshore in the oil industry. Today he has a desk job in London. Nick was brought up in Derby and was a Cub and a Scout before becoming a founding member of Scorpion Venture Scout Unit in Derby North District, in 1981. He has remained closely involved with Scouting since then, helping in an ad hoc fashion with Scouts between 1986 and the late 1990’s. From 1999 until 2004 he was an Assistant Cub Scout Leader at the 135th Derby (Broadway Baptist), before joining the 1st Oxted at the end of 2005, and assuming the role of Group Scout Leader in 2009. Nick assumed the role of District Commissioner for East Surrey Scouts on 13/11/16, though he still assists when he can with Scouting on a weekly basis. 

Lee Beech – Assistant Scout Leader Thursday (Chalkpit) Scout TroopLee works in a senior role literally “behind the scenes” at the Royal Opera House. He started working with the Thursday Troop in July 2014.

Elise Claringbull – Assistant Beaver Scout Leader – Beavers

Austin Copp – Assistant Scout Leader Monday (Barrow Green) Scout TroopAustin is a family man who lives locally. He works in London; he grew up in Ewell and was a Scout as a boy. He has been an Assistant Scout Leader at 1st Oxted since 2006.

Chris Ferguson – Assistant Scout Leader Chris joined the Group in early 2016 as an assistant Scout leader with the Thursday (Chalkpit) Scout Troop.

Phil Hosp – Assistant Cub Scout Leader – Wednesday (Acorn) Cub Pack. Phil joined us in 2011.

John Jones – Assistant Cub Scout Leader – Tuesday (Oak) Cub Pack – John lives in Hurst Green and started with the 1st Oxted at Easter 2014.

Arthur Miller – Assistant Scout Leader Monday (Barrow Green) Scout TroopArthur is an experienced Assistant Scout Leader and works with the Barrow Green (Monday) Scout Troop.

Benjamin Miller – Assistant Cub Scout Leader – Tuesday (Oak) Cub Pack – Ben is an experienced Assistant Cub Scout Leader and works with the Tuesday (Oak) Cub Pack.

Tony Pearson – Assistant Scout Leader Monday (Barrow Green) Scout Troop – Tony Pearson works in fire prevention and is also a local retained firefighter. He has been involved in Scout leadership in England, Scotland and France and has been working with the Scout Troop at 1st Oxted since 2008. Tony is also the District Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leaders).

Marcus Roberts – Assistant Cub Scout Leader – Tuesday (Oak) Cub Pack – Marcus is a local family man and works as a plumber.

David Stockwell – Assistant Cub Scout Leader Wednesday (Acorn) Cub Pack – David joined us after January 2016.

Matt Stone – Assistant Scout Leader (both Troops). Matt Stone grew up locally; he is a uniformed police officer with the Kent Constabulary and has been a uniformed Cub and Scout leader for many years, working at 1st Oxted since 2006 and at 1st Burstow before that.

Michelle Staples – Assistant Cub Scout Leader – Wednesday (Acorn) Cub Pack. Michelle lives locally and is a teacher at a nearby school.

Jon Wells – Assistant Cub Scout Leader – Wednesday (Acorn) Cub Pack