Winter term start dates January 2016

As a rule at 1st Oxted, NO school = NO Scouts, Cubs or Beavers
“School” means state schools in East Surrey and in general, at least for Scouts, we mean Oxted School and/or St Mary’s School. Monday Scouts restarts 18th January, Thursday Scouts restarts 15th January. (Patrol Leaders only may be invited to a pre-meeting the week before these two dates.)

Monday Scouts: patrol leaders only 11th Jan; whole troop: 18th Jan
Tuesday Cubs: 12th Jan
Wednesday Cubs: 13th Jan
Thursday Scouts: patrol leaders only 7th Jan, whole Troop: 14th Jan
Beavers Tues 12th and Thurs 14th Jan

Working party and lunch – Saturday 9th January

The 1st Oxted Scout Group continues to grow and provides safe and fun youth activities in the local community for over 150 young people. But demand for Scouting remains high, and in order to ensure that our safe and fun programme can continue, the Group needs help from still more people. On Saturday 9th January 2016, from 1200-1400, we will host lunch at the Group’s HQ, the Stafford Hall on Chalkpit Lane in Oxted. This lunch is open to all parents and all friends of the Group. Young people are welcome so long as they are accompanied by their parents. It will be a a working lunch; the idea is that you come along to see what we do, have a bite to eat and a chat with us, and even join in and help us out with a job or two. Some of us will be making a half day of it, tidying and sorting out our HQ and equipment. We welcome volunteer assistance in any area, but in the following areas, for the continuance of our work into next year and beyond, we need to identify people who can assist us in the following areas:

1) treasury – handling funds and monies, subscriptions and accounting

2) administration – dealing with rotas, training records, DBS checks etc, and a Group Secretary.

3) Beavers – at least two or three persons to work with beavers in uniform – 1730-1830 Tuesdays and Thursdays

4) Scouts – at least two or three persons to work with Scouts in uniform – 1915-2100 Mondays and Thursdays

5) General assistance anywhere and everywhere – from being a groundsman, to helping out with youth activities as a parent helper

Training and appropriate ID checks are provided at no cost to you. Commitment can be time-limited, and it is on your terms – according to the requirements of your health, your family and your work.

As for every single one of us, we can honestly say that it has been tremendous fun and we have got a great deal of satisfaction out of it. Yes, there is hard work; yes, there are challenges, but at the end of the day, helping out with Scouting is worth it if even just one youngster gets to do something they might never have done otherwise, as a result of your help or ours.

Please do feel free to come along to say hello, meet us and to help out, at any time at all between 1000 and 1500 on Saturday 9th January 2016. If you can join us for lunch 1200-1400, so much the better.

Please RSVP to with numbers purely so we can lay on sufficient food. Again to say that your children are welcome to join you. We will be happy to hear from you with any further questions you may have.

Best wishes,

Nick Hough (Group Scout Leader) & Adrienne Seaman (Chairman and

Demand for Scouting

Demand for Scouting: Since September 2015 there have over 20 applicants to join the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts at 1st Oxted. This rate of application is close to three or four times the available supply of places. There is only one way parents can guarantee that their young people get into the 1st Oxted Scout Group, and that is, either become a Scouter themselves for a number of years or join us behind the scenes on our Executive Committee. 1st Oxted has over twenty leaders and more than 150 youngsters in uniform; two Beaver colonies, two Cub Packs and two Scout Troops.  There is great need for further assistance.
Persons willing and able to help out are in a much stronger position on our list. We always welcome further communication with positive and encouraging parents who are willing and able to assist in any serious way, large or small, with the work of the Group and the community – all leaders and helpers are unpaid volunteers. The Group depends on volunteer assistance doing a little here, a little there. Not all are uniformed Scouters. There is a need for assistance with fund raising, for people able to handle administration of lists, subs and monies, occasional organisers or rotas and events, sometimes cooks and caterers, sometimes extra parents for certain activities, and for groundsmen and tradesmen or women.

Parental willingness to undergo a DBS check, and being willing and able to assist on an ad hoc or rota basis around once per term does not count: that is the least we expect and it is a minimum condition of membership.

Demand for Beavers – a notice

Our Beaver Colonies are completely full and there is already a long list of young people who want to join in the future – the Colonies will remain full for the foreseeable future. Demand for places is very heavy and is far greater than any possible provision of places now or in the  future.

If your interested youngster is already over five years old, it is most unlikely that they will get into Beavers at 1st Oxted. We can take your details, but it will be Cubs (from age 8) that the youngster may be joining.

Bike Sale Saturday 12th September

This coming Saturday 12th September is the BIKE and PRAM SALE on Master Park, Oxted.

Persons wishing to donate bicycles before the sale are most welcome to do so. Please contact the GSL. We would respectfully ask that such bikes are roadworthy.

There will be a small charge of 50p per person (children free) for entry. There will be a bacon buttie/tea/cake stand.

Buying bikes:
Open for buyers between 9.30am and 12 noon. Arrive before 8.30a.m to be at the front of the queue and to avoid disappointment. CASH ONLY  

Selling bikes
Opening for sellers between 8.30a.m and 9.15am

Donkey Derby

The Donkey Derby raised several thousand pounds. An exact figure will be available in due course. It was a success. No one was harmed and no equipment was damaged. Many thanks to all the uniformed leaders and parents and friends of the Group who put in hours of work to help make it a success. Thanks also to Paula Myers on the Scout Group Executive Committee, who, assisted by her Exec colleagues, has worked for months to make the Donkey Derby happen.