Bike Sale

Saturday 21 SEPT 2019

Roadworthy: persons wishing to donate bicycles before the sale are most welcome to do so. In order to ensure your donated bicycle is roadworthy, please download and fill in this handy checklist before donating your bicycle.

There will be a small request for a donation on entry as a Buyer for adults.

Buying bikes:
Open for buyers between 9.30am and 12 noon. Arrive early to be at the front of the queue and to avoid disappointment. CASH ONLY – NO CHEQUES; BUYERS CANNOT RESERVE ITEMS. No exceptions. There are cash machines available nearby.

Selling bikes
Opening for sellers between 8.30a.m and 9.15am
Set an ASKING price and a RESERVE price and we will endeavour to sell your bike at the asking price. If the bike does not sell we will go to the reserve price towards the end of the sale.
The Group takes 20% commission on all sales and in addition will charge a fee of 50p on each sale to pay for the use of Master Park.
Return at a time to be advised on the day to collect your money or your unsold items.
The sale includes prams, pushchairs, skates and scooters

Download and read “Notes for sellers”

Bike Sellers need to complete a Sale Ticket to register the item. This form is now available on-line in advance of the sale. The seller should complete their name, address and other contact details andadd the price and a brief description of the item in the space provided.

Sellers unsure what they should ask for an item should leave this blank and seek advice when they bring the item in on the day.

Download the Sale Ticket here

We cannot sell car seats for infants.

Some parking available in the Master Park car park and nearby.